Dear Guests,
We would like to thank you for your interest in our apartment and wish you an enjoyable time.
Before you commence your holiday, we would like to draw your attention to the house rules which
apply for the full period of your stay with us. Please note that “landlord” will be used from now on
as a term inclusive of both Mattia Bellini and the owners of the properties where you are or will be



House Rules


The house rules are intended to guarantee a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere for your holiday,
safety for everyone in the area and the best possible experience to all our guests. The following
house rules are to be observed by every guest (including children and pets), without any exception:

  • Guests use the apartment in a careful and considerate manner and keep it properly clean.
  • Similarly, guests must ensure that rooms with communal access, communal areas and the
    external facilities of the apartment are treated with care and left in a clean condition.
  • Guests are required to notify Bellagio Villas of any damage or defect.
  • Guests are required to lock all the doors and windows when not inside the apartment.
  • Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is needed). One parking spot is made
    available for every apartment. Guest planning to arrive with more than one can are required
    to notify the landlord in advance. Additional cars could be required to be parked outside of
    the provided parking lot, including in public parking areas.
  • The landlord is not responsible for any damage or loss to vehicles occurred while staying at
    the property, in the parking lot or in any other common area of the property.
  • Guests declare to be aware of the risks connected while using them.
    Other equipment and facilities made available by the landlord and provided for free include
    barbecue(s) and washing machine(s). Guests declare to be aware of the risks connected
    while using them.
  • Guests are required to leave all equipment and facilities in the place and state they found
    them. This includes (but is not limited to) leaving the barbecue clean.
  • Guests are required to be careful while using the provided equipment and facilities and
    prevent any damage or loss. Guests who will be held responsible for any damage or loss will
    be required to pay the full price of the equipment or facility.
  • Guests are not allowed to use equipment and facilities not clearly made available to them.
    This includes (but is not limited to) gardening tools and cleaning accessories.
  • Children are not allowed to make use of the facilities unless accompanied by an adult.
    Children are not allowed to be left alone in the property, common areas, or any other
    connected space. The landlord is not responsible for any injury occurring to unsupervised
  • Guests are required to strictly follow the instructions of the landlord while staying at the
    apartment and in all areas of the property. These include also written materials provided by
    the landlord. The landlord will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to things
    or people resulting from not following such instructions.
  • Living together in a house requires special consideration; disturbing other guests should be
    avoided. Before 8am, from 1pm to 3pm, and after 10pm, everyone and everything must be
    quiet. This refers all noises, including (but not limited to) music, radio and TV reception,
    laughter and all sorts of discussions that can be overheard by the other tenants.
  • Guests must respect the neighbours. Being loud inside and outside of the building is
    prohibited especially during quiet hours. If neighbours complain, guests could be fined up to
    the entire price of neighbours’ stay.
  • Guests could be required to leave with or without a total or partial refund if their behaviour
    is not in line with the House Rules and/or with the Italian law and the local and regional
  • Children and Extra Beds Policy: All children are welcome. Extra beds can be required in accordance with what stated in your booking reservation.
  • Extra costs: heating, if necessary, is not included in the rent and should be payed separately. Utilities and final cleaning are to be payed on consumption directly to the landlord if not included in the rent.
  • Deposit Policy: no deposit will be charged.
  • Pets: pets are allowed on request that are assessed on a one by one basis and. A fee could be asked on a per-night basis or on a per-stay basis.
  • Internet: WiFi is available free of charge. While using the provided internet connection, the
    guests must comply with the rules in force in Italy. The landlord is not responsible for any violation.
  • Cancellation policy: cancellation policies are in accordance with what stated in your booking reservation.
  • Guests are required to leave all keys inside the apartment when checking-out. If keys are missing, a fee will be applied to cover the costs to substitute locks and make new keys.
  • The landlord is not held responsible for any unlawful behaviour of guests, even when this
    results in in violations or illicit behaviours to the detriment of other guests.