What is ecotravel?

Green is the way!

What does ecotravel mean? Ecotravel , or Green Tourism, or Ecotourism, means a form of tourism characterized by some peculiar aspects:

  • It is aimed at promoting sustainable development of the tourism sector
  • It does not cause the degradation or exhaustion of resources or minimize the environmental impact
  • It focuses attention on the intrinsic value of natural resources, responding to a philosophy that is more biocentric than anthropocentric
  • It requires the ecotourist to accept the environment in its reality without pretending to modify it or adapt it to its convenience
  • It is based on a direct encounter with the environment and is inspired by a direct cognitive dimension


Our Commitments for Ecotravel


A Forest of 547 New Trees to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Why exactly 547 new trees? Because that's the exact number of guests we had last…

Since its opening, Bellagio Villas is committed in reducing energy consumption and waste producion, beginning from energy production without CO2 emission. A responsible and successful project that helps protect our environment by making eco-friendly the stay of our guests without sacrificing comfort and exclusivity, for an impactless life-changing experience!

Discover our Bellagio apartments and Villas for your next ecotravel!

Eco-friendly holiday

Some of the measures we took to lower the environmental impact of our properties and of your ecotravel stay:

CO2 Compensation

We plant a tree for each guest staying with us.

In the last three years we planted 1551 new trees to compensate our CO2 production.
A total of 174.7 tons of CO2 offsetted.

Here you can have a look at our Forest and contribute to its growth!

Solar panels

Hot water provided through solar collection: our villas are equipped with solar panels systems for water heating.

Renewable sources

We specifically chose an electric company with a certification for 100% electricity production from renewable sources. Proof here.

Eco-friendly suppliers

Paper we put at your disposal has got a FSC certfication and all our suppliers are involved in eco-certification programs.

Constant innovations

The renovations and innovations that we perform annualy to ensure the best possible accomodation are always aimed to also lower the environmental impact of their stay.

Improved green ratio

We always try to keep an as-high-as-possible green ratio. In all our gardens, you will find plenty of flowers, trees and bushes: better air means better health for everyone!

No water waste

The water consumption in our bathrooms is lowered thanks to the adoption of special filters that reduce the flow in an almost unnoticeable way while ensuring the maximum comfort.

Recycling areas

In agreement with the municipality of Lezzeno, we ensure all our guests recycling areas within a walking distance of 3 minutes. In Lezzeno it is compulsory to properly recycle: plastic, glass, paper and metals.

Reduced consumption

We have adopted the policy to gradually reduce the electical consumption of our accomodations without impacting on guests experience: for example, we are changing all new light bulbs to LED bulbs.

Recycle and Compost

All our properties also features a composter in the gardens to dispose of organic waste. We strongly encourage all our guests to use it, in order to keep the volume of unsorted waste, harmful for the environment.

Low-emission travel

We collaborate with local transport companies to provide you the best standard for public transport quality, comfort and schedule.

0-Km Herbs

In our gardens, you can find pots with local herbs for your typical Italian dishes: they are safer, tastier and they are totally emission-free!


We recently renovated all our frames and fixturess in our apartments. We carefully chose them particularly regarding acoustic and thermal insulation.

CO2 Emissions

During your holiday with us