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A Forest of 547 New Trees to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

By 12 February 2020No Comments

Why exactly 547 new trees? Because that’s the exact number of guests we had last year!


Have you been our guest in 2019? One of these trees is for you!


Following our green philosophy, we decided to plant a tree for each guest who stayed with us in 2019, for a total of 10940 Kg of CO2 offsetted. If you are wondering which trees we decided to plant, that’s simple: Rhizophora mucronata. They are a species of mangrove, small to medium size evergreen trees growing to a height of about 10 or 15 metres (33 to 49 ft) on the banks of rivers.

new trees bellagio villas Rhizophora mucronata

The new trees of Rhizophora mucronata

Why these trees?

We decided to plant specifically this species because they have multiple benefits:

  • They are a native tree!
  • They are used as animal nutrition: they can feed crabs and macaques;
  • The fruits can be cooked and eaten or the juice extracted to make wine, and the young shoots can be consumed as a vegetable;
  • Their timber is used in the construction of buildings, as poles and pilings;
  • The shade of their foliage helps the undergrowth flora and fauna;
  • They have folkloric importance: their bark is used in tanning and a dye can be extracted from both bark and leaves;
  • Various parts of the plant are used in folk medicine;
  • They are helpful in land reclamation, to help prevent coastal erosion and in restoration of mangrove habitats.

Where they have been planted and for which purpose?

In Madagascar! More precisely, in the Besalampy region, next to Soanenga, in Western part of the country. Prior to the start of the project the mangrove forests found in this area were severely impacted by deforestation and forest degradation from charcoal production and wood collection for other purposes. In response to this large-scale loss of mangroves and upland forests in Madagascar, Eden Reforestation Projects initiated the Madagascar Reforestation.


Where can I read more?

You can see our Trees Certificate, or you can have a look at our Forest and hel its growth by planting yourself new trees!


If you are interested in our commitments for climate, check out our green philosophy and discover what ecotravel means