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Reaching Bellagio by public transport

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Bellagio is called the “Pearl of the Lake” for its beautiful location exactly in the middle of our lake, where you can see its three “branches”.

Bellagio is very easy to find on the map, but how can you get there without a car?

Coming from Milan you first have to reach Como by the Italian railway service (Trenitalia) and you have three choices:

  1. you can take the train from “Milano Nord Cadorna” to “Como Nord Lago” and get off at the end of the line;
  2. from “Milano Porta Garibaldi” in the direction of “Chiasso”, and get off at “Como San Giovanni “;
  3.  there are also trains from “Milano Centrale” (Milan Central Station) to “Como San Giovanni”. They are less frequent and a bit more expensive because they are normally Swiss trains.
  4. If you arrive from Milan Malpensa (MXP) you can take the “Malpensa Express” to “Saronno” and then take the train to “Como Nord Lago.”

Just outside all the train stations in Como you will find the public bus transport, you have to catch C30 COMO BELLAGIO bus (Bellagio bus schedule), or the ferry from Como to Bellagio (or hydrofoil) (Bellagio boat) in Piazza Cavour.

And there you are!

How to get to Lezzeno
The same way, but instead of getting off the bus at Bellagio you have to get off at the village just before Bellagio, but you can ask the driver, normally they are very friendly and helpful.
Beware of Como – Bellagio ferry and hydrofoils because they are not so frequent as buses.