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Bellagio wedding and Lake Como area for you special day

By 12 December 2019January 8th, 2020No Comments

Bellagio wedding and Lake Como area

More and more lovers from all over the world are choosing to celebrate their weedings in the beautiful panorama of Lake Como. The most attractive factor is without any doubt the beauty of the landscapes. More than 60% of weddings in the area are celebrated in summer, but no matter when your special day will be, a Bellagio wedding will always enchant you and your loved one. Summer is certainly nice, but Spring and Autumn have different but equally unbelievable colours to offer, and the placidity of the Lake in Winter is just as beautiful.

bellagio wedding Villa Teodolinda Lake Como

bellagio wedding Villa Teodolinda Lake Como photo by WeddingBox Lake Como

Lovers wants magnificent scenarios without giving up their home traditions: Italian wedding planners are particularly prectised in joining these two aspects of a ceremony.

When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como – FRANZ LISZT

Other reasons to choose a marriage in Lake Como

Another very attractive factor for choosing a Bellagio wedding is without any doubt the food. In addition to dream locations, people also want to eat very well, with almost exclusively Italian dishes. If you choose Italian cuisine for your ceremony, you will not taste the same flavor more than once. No matter how long the dinner will be, Italian dishes are uncountable and totally different from one region to the other. You can find hints about typical dishes of the area in our typical Lake Como food section!

There are many locations in Lake Como: over 70 percent of foreign marriages in Lombardy are celebrated in our area! The goal is to have an unforgettable wedding, and it’s exactly what a Bellagio wedding offers.

Locations for your Bellagio wedding

The most beautiful and magnificent location is without any doubt Villa del Balbianello:

bellagio wedding villa balbianello lake como

bellagio wedding villa balbianello lake como photo by My Lake Como Wedding

Unbeliavable mansion on the very top of the Peninsula del Balbianello, it offers splendid gardens with a 270° view over the Lake. This Villa was also the chosen set for a famous wedding of film history. Indeed, George Lucas chose a Bellagio wedding: Villa Balbianello was the set for the marriage of Anakin and Padmé in Star Wars, Episode 2.

Read everything you have to know about Villa del Balbianello in our post!


For your Bellagio wedding, host your guests just on the shores of Lake Como, check out our Bellagio apartments for rent! We offer exclusive accomodation in beautiful Villas directly overlooking the Lake.