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From shoemaker’s shop to apartments for rent

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home history

This is the history of our home

All great things start from humble beginnings, and so was for us. This is the history of our home:

The villa located in the hamlet of “Rozzo” was built in the mid-60s by our grandparents Celestina and Licurgo, who after their marriage decided to move out of their parents’ house and build their own home.

Our grandparents were shoemakers and they produced hand-made shoes so they opened a shoe store in the new house, whose structure is still visible today, beside the residential area.

Downstairs there was Grandfather’s workshop, where he made his shoes by hand, starting from leather and wood, while upstairs Grandmother tended the shop where she sold those handmade shoes.

The store was closed in 1982 and later the house was partialy restored.

Our grandfather continued to make shoes, mainly for his children and family, and we still wear his shoes that are more comfortable than those found in the best stores.