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Lake Como Weather Forecast – Como Italy Weather

By 10 March 2019February 24th, 2020No Comments

The weather can often be quite unpredictable. For this reason, when you book a holiday it is always better to ask the locals what time to expect. What we want to show you today is Lake Como weather and the best time to visit Lake Como.

Let’s start from the latter: Lake Como area is always beautiful, and during winter there is a perfect peace that leaves the surface of the water completely quiet.

lake como italy weather bellagio villas

lake como italy weather offered by Bellagio Villas

The Lake in winter becomes a beautiful mirror, reflecting the mountain and the sky. Anyway, I would say that the best time to visit Lake Como is probably from mid-April to mid-October. This is mainly because of the very good weather: thanks to the Lake and its winds, the temperature is always very enjoyable and if during Summer days the sun is too shiny, it is always possible to have a refreshing swim, so always brind your swimsuit with you! All our apartments have direct access to the beach and complimentary use of kayaks, to fully enjoy the closeness to the Lake! Moreover, in Spring all the Villas of the area are embellished by flowers blossoming. In Autumn, on the other hand, red leaves create a romantic atmosphere changing the colors of the trees all over the surrounding mountains.

But how is Lake Como Italy weather?

With its position between Lake and mountain, Lake Como area do not suffer from extremely high or extremely low temperature. In March, it is pretty normal to have long rains, that refill the Lake, which meter is very low during Winter, but in Spring , temperatures are always rising and the sun starts to shine almost every day. All the gardens become full of colourful flowers and parks like the one of Villa del Balbianello are at its best. In summer, Lake Como Weather goes like this: fresh in the morning, during the day is warm, thanks to the sun, but at around 5 pm, every day with no exclusion, the “Breva”, a wind blowing from the middle of the Lake, refresh the area with its cool air. This is why no air conditioning is needed in the area: natural aircon! In Summer, it is also quite common to have nightly thunderstorms, that give an impressive panorama during the sunset. In Autumn, Lake Como weather is pretty stable, with temperatures around 18 degrees during the day, plus: is the best time for chestnuts!

If you need more specific Lake Como Italy weather info for your upcoming trip, here you can find the forecast for the next days!