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The bonfire festival

By 28 March 2016April 12th, 2021No Comments

The bonfire festival is a tradition in Lezzeno. The proverb says: “El desdott el falò, el desnöf l’é Son Giüsepp, el vint la fêra, el vintü la primavera” which in English would be “on the eighteenth the bonfire, the nineteen Saint Joseph, the twentieth the fair, the twenty-first spring”.
This practice is intended to greet the spring which arrives on March 21. On March 20, traditionally, since our grandparents were children there has been a fair on the main road, to which all the children participate, buying candy and treats.
The event on 19 March is linked to religion, being the day dedicated to Saint Joseph and Father’s Day.
March 18 instead has a history linked to the legend. It is said that in the fifteenth century in Lezzeno there were many witches burned at the stake. The hamlet of Lezzeno commemorates those sad events with bonfires on the Lake, but in many parts of the world they are meant to drive away the cold and darkness of winter visit this website.
Here are the photos of the bonfire in 2016!


And what about 2017? Here are the photos!

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