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Villa Carlotta – Beauty between Art and Gardens

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Villa Carlotta

villa carlotta view

villa carlotta view

Villa Carlotta is a renowned Villa just on the shores of

Lake Como. The villa is famous for two main reason: the art collection it preserves, and its magnificent gardens.

Here nature and human ingenuity coexist harmoniously in a natural basin. Built by Marquis Giorgio Clerici at the end of the 1600s as his splendid residence, between lake and mountains. Villa Carlotta is surrounded by an Italian garden, facing the breathtaking scenery of Bellagio, and it is today a museum that preserves masterpieces from world famous artists.

The Gardens of Villa Carlotta

villa carlotta gardens

villa carlotta gardens

The terraced garden is home to over 500 species of plants, favored in the flowering by the mild climate. The botanical garden covers an area of more than 8 hectars (about 20 acres) and consists of different sections. Immediately around the villa, facing the lake, lies the Italian garden, surrounding a beautiful fountain in typical Italian style. The rhododendron and 150 varieties of azalea spread up the slope. The gardens have also a section dedicated to plants from the East: a bamboo garden, covering 3000 m² is home to over 25 different bamboo species. The property is also home to cedars, palms, redwoods, plane trees and many other exotic plants.

The Museum and Art exibition

Villa Carlotta is home of a permanent exibition with some of the most important marsterpieces from the first half of 19th Century (around 1830 a.D.). In the Villa, you have the opportunity to admire sculptures and other works by Antonio Canova and his school and by Berte Thorvaldsen such as Palamede, Eros and Psyche, Tersicore and the monumental Entrance of Alexander the Great in Babylonia. In the Villa are also preserved paintings of important artists, among which the manifesto of Italian romantic art, The Last Adieu of Romeo and Juliet, by Francesco Hayez, and The Reading of the VIth Book of the Aeneid by Jean-Baptiste Wicar.

villa carlotta amore e psiche

villa carlotta amore e psiche

The villa is also home to a collection of more than 470 plaster cameos created by the Roman artist Giovanni Liberotti and a large silk and wool tapestry by François Var der Borght.


Villa Carlotta is beautiful all year round, but if you can choose, the best time to visit it is in May, when flowers are blossoming!


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