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The Origins of a Home

By 20 October 2015January 31st, 2022No Comments

All great things have a story, and this is our apartment history:

apartment history

This is our apartments’ history

The larger villa which we rent in Lezzeno was built by our ancestors and in recent years it has been completely restored.

The building was originally a mill, operated by water, mainly to grind corn and buckwheat, but also for olives that were crushed to produce oil. Even today, close to our villa there are several springs that at that time were the mill pond.

The hamlet of Lezzeno, where we live, is in fact called “Crotto,” which means “spring”; in fact, there are several springs in our area which pour down directly from the mountain above, even in the hottest periods of the year.

We do not know how the mill was built, or how big it was, because we don’t have photos of that time. We only know that during the 60’s our grandfather Pietro restored the existing mill by himself and enlarged it. While living in the house next door with his wife Nora and his family in the 80’s he transformed it into a villa.

Since then, the villa has been renovated several times: first by grandfather himself, then by our father.

This is the apartment history of only one of our Villas! You can read more about our Villa Verdi.